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ittle did the Nepalese people realize   the name of R. Raghu. Mr. Raghu had left
              that their country would have one of   Mumbai, India to come to the northeast-
        L Lthe fastest growing Christian popu-  ern part of India with an exercise to labor
        lations in the beginning of the 21st century.   among Nepali-speaking people. Eventu-
        Nepal was, for many years, the only Hindu   ally, through his labors and the labors of
        kingdom in the world. The king of Nepal   a young Nepali brother, Hari Shreshta,
        was worshiped as an incarnation of one   two more assemblies were planted in
        of the Hindu gods, and preaching of the   eastern Nepal as well as some assemblies
        gospel was completely forbidden. Believ-  in West Bengal and Sikkim, two states in
        ers were persecuted, imprisoned, and   northeastern India where there are large
        even killed.                         Nepali-speaking populations.
          In the 1980s, in a remote Himalayan   We are located in Gangtok, the capital
        village called Furketaar, a young man left   of Sikkim. Sikkim is primarily a Nepali-
        to join the Indian army. (After the British   speaking state and the assembly was plant-
        left India, the Indian government began   ed in the early 90s. Up until about 2012, the
        recruiting Nepalese in their Gorkha regi-  assembly was small with approximately 15
        ment). While in the army, during an insur-  believers in fellowship, but the Lord began
        gency attack in the northeast, he heard   to work. A young woman began attend-
        the gospel and was marvelously saved   ing the meetings and was saved. Shortly
        and eventually added to a local assembly.   after her salvation, she was diagnosed
        After finishing his service, he returned to   with cancer with a very poor prognosis.
        Furketaar and began to share the gospel.   Her in-laws began to persecute her for
        Many in the village were saved, and an as-  her faith. She was eventually relegated to
        sembly was planted, but persecution was   a small room in the house with no access
        fierce. At times, the new believers had to   to water or kitchen facilities. In spite of all
        leave their homes and live in caves in the   that, she faithfully attended the meetings
        jungles. Eventually, some chose to leave   with a bright smile on her face. She would
        and move to the plains in the eastern part   say, “Wouldn’t it have been terrible if all
        of Nepal, close to the Indian border. They   these things had happened when I was an
        settled in a village called Aiyabari and   unbeliever?” Her bright testimony began
        soon came in contact with a brother by   to challenge believers who had been living,

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