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s a help to understanding the sub-  visiting from Birmingham, 40 miles away.
               ject of unanimity, G. H. Lang has   She invited me to visit her and her husband
        Athe most contributions from John’s   any time I had free time. I thanked her, but
        gospel to help unanimity but John 13:34-35   I never thought that I’d be able to accept
        (AV) is also a help. “A new commandment   her kind offer. Up to that time, no one had
        I give unto you, that ye love one another;   any time off, but shortly thereafter, I got a
        as I have loved you, that ye also love one   week-long furlough. I wrote to her and told
        another. By this shall all men know that   her about the week. She wrote back that
        ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to   she wanted me to spend the whole week
        another.” We may wonder why the Lord   with them. When I told the other fellows
        Jesus calls it a new commandment when   in my barracks, they could hardly believe
        we read, “But the stranger that dwelleth   it. The woman was not even my aunt and
        with you shall be as one born among you,   I had never met her before, but the love
        and thou shalt love him as thyself”(Lev   of the brethren was a real testimony to
        19:34, KJV). This is a high standard, but to   them. I am thankful that it is still recorded
        love one another as He has loved us is a   in secular history that, in the first century,
        much higher standard and therefore new.   the pagans said of the Christians, “Behold
        The Lord Jesus also gave us a new dynamic   how they love one another.”
        in giving to each believer the Holy Spirit.   Acts: The Greek word, homothumadon,
        The first characteristic of the nine-fold fruit   is found 12 times in the NT: 11 mentions
        of the Spirit is love (Gal 5:22-23), “By this   are in Acts, seven times translated of the
        shall all men know that ye are My disciples   believers, “of one accord.” On four of those
        if ye have love one to another” (v35, KJV).   occasions, we read of unsaved persons
          In 1944, during World War II, I was   being “of one accord” to do something
        stationed in England for eight months.   wrong. But never do we read of God’s
        I’m thankful that, for all the time I was   people being “of one accord” to do some-
        in England, I could walk to an assembly.   thing wrong.
        One Lord’s Day, I met Mrs. Percival Smith   G. H. Lang gives two pages of profit-

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