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hen we arrive at 2 Samuel 7, we  every problem will sit upon the throne of
                 are at one of the mountain peaks  David. He is the Wonderful Counselor and
        Wof the Old Testament. Theolo-       will not require a cabinet or advisors. The
        gians refer to it as the chapter detailing the  great men of earth reel under the weight
        Davidic covenant. In it, God guarantees to  of need in our world, lacking both answers
        David a dynasty, descendants, dominion,  and resources.
        and a destiny. Its prospect is thrilling and   He is also the Mighty God (Isa 9:6)
        its promises comforting. In response to   and will not suffer from any inability to
        God’s grace, we read that David went in   implement His programs of change. With
        and sat before the Lord. Lost in wonder,   unchallenged authority, He will usher in a
        he began to worship.                 new world order which will lead to 1000
          Among the many expressions of thanks-  years of a benign and prosperous time to
        giving and worship is one which has been   mankind. His rule will not be the harsh
        the subject of much discussion among the   regime of monarchs and dictators. As the
        commentators. “And is this the manner   Everlasting Father, He will rule with all
        of man, O Lord GOD?” (2Sam 7:19, KJV).   the sympathy and care of a loving father
        Translations vary and range from, “Is   to His children. He is the Shepherd-King
        this the law for man?” (Newberry); “Is this
        instruction for mankind?” (ESV); “And   who will carry the lambs in His arms and
        this [is] the law of the Man, Lord Jehovah   gently lead those with young (Isa 40:11).
        (YLT).” The meaning may lie somewhere   This plan which God has for humanity
        in the thought, “This is your plan for man-  will usher in an age of peace. He is not
        kind, O Lord.”                       only the Wonderful Counselor possessed
          God has a plan – a thrilling plan. As we   of all wisdom, the Almighty God having all
        scan the daily headlines or receive the latest   power and authority, and the Everlasting
        “breaking news” from our iPhone, we can   Father marked by tenderness and care, but
        hardly imagine a different world, a world   He is also the Prince of Peace. Having paid
        without all that now assails our ears. We   the price to procure peace, He assures its
        live in a world where God has been mar-  reign during the Kingdom and for eternity.
        ginalized, sin has been glorified, and true   So, close your eyes and allow your mind
        Christianity has been vilified. Each day  to travel to that day when God’s plan for
        reminds us that we do not belong here.  humanity will come to fruition. It is not
        We are totally out of sync with our society.  escapism. It is the ultimate reality. God has
          Yet, a day will soon come which will  a plan for mankind involving the Son of
        be far different. A day is about to dawn  David, and until that day when He reigns,
        in which a Man with the wisdom to settle  the world will not know peace.

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