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e have thought of the Central-  power, according to the Spirit of holiness,
                 ity  and the Certainty of  the   by the resurrection from the dead” (Rom
        Wresurrection. We now proceed        1:4, KJV). One blessed consequence of His
        to consider some of its Consequences. As   resurrection is that He is marked out as the
        with the implications of His death, this   unique, eternal Son of God.
        is an inexhaustible subject, as the whole
        of Christianity is consequent upon His   The Satisfaction of God
        resurrection. So we will confine ourselves   As well as being a demonstration of
        to matters that are expressly linked to the   His Sonship, the resurrection establishes
        resurrection in the Scriptures. This month   beyond all doubt that God is fully satisfied
        we will look together at some blessed   in His Son and in the work that He did
        truths that the resurrection demonstrates,   upon the cross. Paul, in the synagogue in
        concerning divine Persons.           Antioch in Pisidia, speaks of the wicked-
                                             ness of the leaders in Jerusalem towards
        The Son Of God                       Him: “And though they found no cause of
          The resurrection confirms Who the Lord   death in Him, yet desired they Pilate that
        Jesus Christ is. At the beginning of His   He should be slain.” He goes on to speak
        public ministry, His baptism, there had   of Him being taken down from the tree and
        been an open acknowledgment of His de-  laid in a sepulchre. He then adds, tersely
        ity, in which Father, Son, and Spirit were all   and powerfully, “But God raised Him
        involved: “And the Holy Ghost descended   from the dead” (Acts 13:28-30, KJV). What
        in a bodily shape like a dove upon Him,   a glorious contrast. How we delight in
        and a voice came from heaven, which   that word “But.” Men showed the depths
        said, Thou art My beloved Son; in Thee I   of their disapproval of Him, and when
        am well pleased” (Luke 3:22, KJV). At its   they had done all they could, it was time
        close, in His death and resurrection, is the   for God to give His verdict, which He did
        fulfilment of that which His baptism sym-  in the clearest way possible: “God raised
        bolized, and, again, there is an unequivocal   Him from the dead.” In the resurrection,
        demonstration of His Deity, in which each   God has vindicated Him and declared
        person of the Trinity is once more active:   His complete pleasure in Him and in all
        He was “declared to be the Son of God with   that He did.

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