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saints. Brother Crawford’s counsel was   His labors in the gospel took him across
        most helpful. His years of experience,   the continent. He saw the assembly planted
        understanding of Scripture, and gracious   in Clyde, Ohio, and was instrumental in
        spirit were used for the glory of God and   the formation of perhaps five others. He
        for the blessing of God’s people. With his   loved the gospel, and preached it with
        homecall to glory, we are all the poorer.   warmth and power. Many are those who
          He will be remembered for his love for   will rise up and thank God for sending him
        precious souls, for the people of God, for   to them with the gospel message.
        his dear wife, Lois, who was a genuine   He ministered extensively and to great
        helpmeet in the Lord’s work, and for his   profit at conferences and in local assem-
        son Rodney, and family, who await the   blies. His careful exposition and practical
        blessed hope.
                                             application of Scripture proved a great
        AJH                                  benefit to all. From his pen came The Gospel
          It was a beautiful October day when he   of Luke in the WTBT series; and his book,
        approached me and asked if we could talk.   Gathering to His Name. In my opinion, both
        As we sat together, he very directly said, “I   books are among the best ever written on
        would like you to take over being editor of   the subjects. For almost 20 years, he edited
        Truth & Tidings!” Looking back, that single   and contributed to Truth & Tidings, raising
        incident seems to epitomize the man. One   the level of its usefulness for those many
        of the many great accomplishments of his   years.
        life, the magazine, was graciously being   His love for the truth of God, for the
        handed over to a younger man. There was   Christ of God, and for the local assembly,
        no hint of condescension. He did what   was obvious to all who knew him. He often
        few men have the grace to do – he ceded   spoke of the experience of walking home
        responsibility to a younger man who was   from the gospel meeting in Toronto the
        not his equal in any measure, and he did   night when he was saved, April 1, 1938,
        it with the same grace and dignity which   looking up at the stars and the heavens,
        marked all he did. It was obvious that the   and thinking that the God Who made all
        magazine was not about Norman Craw-  that was now his Father. He never seemed
        ford, but about the welfare of the people   to lose the wonder of his salvation despite
        of God.                              being a man “mighty in the Scriptures.”
          Norman  Crawford  was  a  household   His homecall brings an abrupt end to
        name to a previous generation on both   a generation of men who were mightily
        sides of the Atlantic. His voice has been   used by God and who seemed to reflect,
        silent now for almost a decade due to the   even upon their countenance, something
        extensive care of his wife in her illness and
        to his declining health. A man of character,   of the presence of God. He preached with
        he was respected by all, not because of   a long list of fellow laborers whose “praise
        a position he occupied, but because of a   is in the gospel.”
        character he manifested. Christ-like and   As was said so eloquently of King David,
        selfless, he moved with singular focus on   “He served his own generation by the will
        the glory of the Savior He loved, and with   of God, (and) fell on sleep” (Acts 13:36,
        a heart burdened for the welfare of the   KJV). No more fitting epitaph could be
        people of God.                       written for him.

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