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their danger; tell them, without anger, of   Him. Saved as a young person, he soon
        their sinfulness; and lead many of them,   took an interest in gospel work. Older ser-
        with great wisdom, to the Lord Jesus.  vants of the Lord expressed confidence in
          His various gospel series throughout   him, encouraging him in the spread of the
        the world were richly blessed by God.   gospel. Commended to full time service at
        When he and Mr. Harold Paisley teamed   the age of 18, he was not averse to working
        up for the Seneca gospel series in Toronto,   in new areas. One of his early mentors was
        they saw numerous souls reached, many   Mr. Lorne McBain, who was a great help
        of whom are still in fellowship today. His   to him as they labored together in many
        gospel meetings in Bryn Mawr, PA, in 1969,   gospel series. When attending conferences
        with Mr. Sidney Maxwell are considered   in those early days, our brother would
        by many who were there to be the best   often have the responsibility to speak
        series ever held in this area.       to the Sunday school. During the 1950s,
          His erudition and eye for detail made   Brother Crawford labored in a new field
        him the obvious choice to be editor of Truth   of labor –Clyde, Ohio. One of the earliest
        & Tidings, a position he filled skillfully and   contacts there were Mr. and Mrs. Harry
        conscientiously for a number of years. And   Hyde, who had relatives in fellowship in
        his book, Gathered to His Name, became de   Iowa. The work was slow at first, but the
        rigueur reading for young converts inter-  Lord opened doors and souls were saved,
        ested in assembly fellowship.        followed by a number of baptisms. Our
          He led by example, and without sitting   brother knew God and His ways, spend-
        down with young preachers and giving   ing time in prayer and in The Book. Years
                                             later he would write a most helpful book,
        verbal instructions, he was able to influ-  Gathering unto His Name, which has been
        ence a generation of men who were trying   a blessing to many. This book reflects his
        to learn how best to present the gospel of   experiences and the truth of God he loved
        the grace of God.                    and appreciated. The years spent in the
          The Shunammite woman who recog-    Clyde area were also a time of blessing
        nized Elisha as a man of God could scarcely   for the surrounding assemblies, as we
        have foreseen the deep debt she would   enjoyed helpful visits by our brother. His
        eventually owe that man. Many believers,   ministry was Christ-centered, practical,
        many preachers, many sinners, and many   and positive. He was always relevant. He
        assemblies owe a deep debt to Mr. Craw-  was an excellent teacher among us, both
        ford for his wisdom, guidance, example,   in written ministry and public speaking.
        and help. And this causes gratitude to   For many years he edited the Truth & Tid-
        God for His having saved a young boy   ings magazine and his teaching was rich,
        in Toronto so many years ago, equipping   helpful, encouraging, and Christ-centered.
        him for the work, and then calling him into   Our brother was highly esteemed in
        His service.
                                             North America and the UK, preaching in
                                             countless gospel series and ministry meet-
        Ken Webb - Akron, Ohio               ings for the saints of God. He truly lived
          There was never a doubt as to our   his life for others, often traveling many
        brother Norman Crawford’s gift and abil-  miles to help a struggling saint or sinner.
        ity. From his early years as a believer, it was   His teaching transcended his generation
        evident the Lord had called him to serve   and has been a blessing to many younger

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