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As  believers,  we  are  all  members  of   the glorious gospel. The last gospel meet-
        God’s family and we all have an effect   ings at which they both preached together
        one upon another. May it be said of us, as   were in Langstaff in March 1998. God was
        Paul and Timothy could say of the saints   honored and souls were saved. There was
        at Phillipi and which those who knew him   much joy, and the assembly was encour-
        could say of Norman Crawford, “I thank   aged. While our brother lived and labored
        my God upon every remembrance of you”   in different areas, we do not forget his
        (Phil 1:3). Norman, in lowliness of mind,   labors during all the years of the Toronto
        esteemed others better than himself. He   Easter Conference and the Mimico Bible
        learned this at the feet of the Lord Jesus.   Readings. He was always considerate of
        Considering Norman’s life focus, I believe I   his fellow workers. What an example to
        would not be wrong in quoting the Apostle   follow until the Lord comes.
        Paul’s words, “I press toward the mark
        for the prize of the high calling of God in   E. R. Higgins
        Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:14). Norman has come   “And she said unto her husband, Behold
        to the end of life’s journey, and we may   now, I perceive that this is an holy man of
        aptly describe him as “a prince with God.”  God, which passeth by us continually”
                                             (2Kings 4:9).
        Harry Clingen                          No one who knew Mr. Norman Craw-
        On behalf of the believers in Toronto  ford would doubt for a moment that a
          Our beloved brother Norman Crawford   holy man of God crossed their path. As an
        was respected and appreciated by all who   editor, scholar, writer, preacher, teacher,
        knew him. Many of those believers who   servant, shepherd, counselor, minister, and
        knew him best are now with him in Glory.  friend, his influence was indeed profound.
                                             His impact on untold lives, numerous as-
          He never forgot the place where he was   semblies, and the work of God throughout
        born, grew up, was saved, and in his late   the world is hard to measure. The Poet Carl
        teens, was commended to the work of the   Sandburg is credited with saying: “A tree is
        Lord.                                best measured when it is down - and so it
          The writer’s first meeting with Norman   is with people.” Because of his continued
        was at a conference in Sarnia, Ontario in   influence, measuring the full impact of
        June 1960.  His genuine interest in a young   his life is not easy. In some ways, due to
        couple continued from that day. We had   his weakening condition, we have had to
        the great privilege of hosting him many   learn to do without his steadying hand
        times in our home. He was always a cour-  for a number of years. And we are all the
        teous Christian gentleman, whether in the   weaker because of it.
        home or gathered with the believers in   My experience with Mr. Crawford was
        the Toronto assemblies. Our brother was   not as extensive as that of others, but
        highly respected by all.             listening to his gospel preaching left me
          He had many gospel meetings in To-  convinced I was listening to someone who
        ronto. In the 1980s, along with his good   knew how to bring the light of gospel truth
        friend and fellow laborer, Harold Paisley,   to darkened minds and hearts. A perfect
        he preached in repeated series of meetings   gentleman on and off the platform, he was
        at Seneca College and many souls heard   able, without harshness, to warn sinners of
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