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Robert Reilly

               ur dear brother Norman Craw-    Norman and Harold Paisley teamed to-
               ford passed into the presence   gether on several occasions for the United
        Oof his Lord on August 16, 2017.     Gospel Campaign in Seneca College and
        He and Lois were married and living in   later in the Stephen Leacock Collegiate.
        Lansing, Michigan and in full-time service   Despite the fact that Harold lived not too
        for the Lord when I came from Northern   far away, he often stayed with us, so that he
        Ireland in November 1954. Over the years,   and Norman could have the opportunity of
        we developed a lasting friendship, and I   being together, discussing the Scriptures,
        count it an honor to share some thoughts   and looking to the Lord for help for the
        about him.                           meeting each night. Their interest was both
          In  the  mid  1950s,  we  met  Norman’s   deep and touching. They had a real respect
        mother at Waubaushene, Ontario and she   for each other. Many started their faith in
        asked my wife and I over for tea and Irish   Christ as a result of these campaigns.
        soda scones (they were good!). She told   As editor of Truth & Tidings magazine
        us about Norman, and it was obvious she   from late 1977 until December 1996, he
        loved him very much and prayed for him   carried out his duties with grace and love
        continually. He was a joy to her. Time went   mixed with business acumen, while fur-
        on and he had numerous meetings in our   thering the exposition of the Word.
        assembly (Pape Avenue Gospel Hall, To-  In the home, Norman was always polite,
        ronto) with a variety of the Lord’s servants   always the Christ-like gentleman, and was
        over the succeeding decades.         loved and highly respected by everyone.
          He was an excellent conference speaker,   One thing that stands out in my mind
        expounding the Word in ministry softly   regarding him was his deep love for Lois,
        and effectively, and preaching the gospel   his wife. She was his helpmeet provided
        with God’s evident presence and power.   by God for him. He cherished that thought
        He was rarely, if ever, absent from the   and, as for Lois, she reverenced her hus-
        Toronto Easter Conference until his health   band. They were a Godly couple to be
        in latter years prevented his attendance.   emulated. He also had a lot of respect and
        With his gracious and articulate manner,   love for Lois’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lorne
        he could speak to, and debate with, uni-  McBain. Mr. McBain took him under his
        versity professors and students, acceptably   wing as a young man and mentored him
        representing his faith.              in the faith.

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