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is  Conversion  Story:  Norman   Norman had many such series through
               Crawford had an older brother   the years in Jackson, including one on the
        Hwho  was  injured in a football     book of Revelation. He had an exercise
        game. After a prolonged stay in the hospital   about pioneering in an area where others
        his brother died, and as was common in   had not worked. In Fremont, Ohio, he
        those days, his body was brought home.   preached nightly for six months without
        Norman asked himself as he looked into   seeing one soul saved. He stayed in a little
        the casket, "if that were me, where would   travel trailer, and when asked how it was
        my soul be?" On the last Friday night of a   that he knew to continue on, he quoted a
        six-week gospel series in the West Toronto   verse that he had in his trailer. “And let
        Hall, Sam McEwen spoke on Revelation   us not grow weary in well doing, for in
        20 (The Great White Throne Judgment). A   due season we shall reap, if we faint not”
        man who sat next to Norman told him later   (Gal 6:9). Finally, there was a break, and it
        that Norman trembled as the gospel was   wasn’t too long before a number of souls
        preached. That night, he found out through   were saved and an assembly was planted
        1 Peter 3:18 that Christ (the just One) had   in the neighboring town of Clyde. A few
        died for him (the unjust one) to bring him   years later, Norman worked in Mansfield,
        to God. In his own words, “I couldn’t help   Ohio, and saw an assembly planted.
        but trust Him.” Norman Crawford loved   “Stormin’ Norman,”as he was known, had
        to tell how he worshiped, walking alone   many series in Iowa, Michigan, Ontario,
        through a dark park that night on the way   and across the world. He was a builder as
        home. He looked into the sky and thanked   well, and instrumental in the building of
        God for sending His Son for him. A favorite   many gospel halls, including the extension
        hymn has a chorus, “I know He’s mine, this   of the present hall in Jackson, MI.
        Friend so dear, He lives with me, He’s ever   His Character and Conduct: Many times
        near. Ten thousand charms around Him   in ministry meetings, Norman could be
        shine, and best of all – I know He’s mine.”   heard saying these words: “All that the
        This love of the Savior led to Norman’s call.  Lord wants from you can be written on
                                             your thumbnail – OBEY.” He was a man
          His Call: At 18 years of age, after it be-  who practiced what he preached. His
        came obvious that Norman was both gifted   character was marked by Christ-likeness: a
        and exercised about spreading the gospel,   gentleness and kindness that drew people
        he was commended by several assemblies   to his Lord. He exemplified what the Lord
        in the Toronto area. His call led him to   Jesus said in Matthew 11 (KJV), “Take
        devote his life to the Lord in the preaching   My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for
        of the gospel.                       I am meek and lowly in heart.” He had a
          His Consecration: Norman Crawford   genuine care for others, a love for souls
        came to Jackson, Michigan in 1946, and   who were perishing, and a tenderness for
        preached for six weeks with Mr. McBain   the Lord’s people as he carefully taught
        (who was to become his mentor and father-  the Word of God. He was a true pastor/
        in-law) in a little red schoolhouse in Rives   teacher in every respect. Many can attest
        Junction, Michigan. Many souls were saved   to his care on a personal level, as he often
        and later added to the assembly in Jackson.   had visitors in his study or conversed on

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