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A                                    these things do the nations of the world
               few years ago I was privileged to
               be in the company of a mission-
                                             seek after: and your Father knoweth that
               ary who had just returned home
        after many years in a very difficult field.   ye have need of these things, But rather
                                             seek ye the kingdom of God” (Luke 12:22,
        He described the people to whom he had   30-31, KJV). As messengers of the cross, we
        carried the gospel as being in a constant   need to take advantage of the opportunity
        struggle to survive. Their lives were threat-  for witness that has been granted to us in
        ened daily by disease, accidental injuries   these tragedies. Many people of the world
        that became life threatening because of a   have discovered that their lives are empty
        lack of medical attention, starvation, and   and meaningless. Many realize that the
        enemy tribes who plundered and killed.   thousands who died were people just like
        He said, “When I come home, I am amazed   themselves, who went to their work that
        that most people, even Christians, are so   Tuesday morning with their minds full of
        concerned about such trivial things. Life   the minor problems of home, family, and
        and death issues are a reality every day in   work. How could any of them have known
        the land where I work. There is no place   that in a few hours they would be in eter-
        for trivial things.”                 nity? Are we, as believers, fully aware that
          In recent days in America, there has been   around us every day are countless souls
        an awakening to reality. The worries and   that are only a heartbeat from eternity? Can
        deep concerns of the days before Septem-  we be occupied with the trivial things of
        ber 11th now appear so insignificant. News   life when heaven or hell for eternity is the
        stories that filled the headlines are now not   great issue for precious souls?
        considered to be worthy of mention. Sud-  I have preached to people in a gospel
        den death has a message that unstops deaf   meeting who were only minutes from
        ears. No one has been left unmoved by the   eternity. I did not know it, nor did they.
        tragedies that have struck so close to home.  If I had known, would I have been more
          As believers, have we too been over-  real, more earnest, and more faithful? I
        ly occupied with things of time that   have talked to unsaved people who were
        are empty and trivial in the light of   on the very brink of eternity, but they did
        eternity? The mistake of the rich man   not know it. Should we not see every soul
        of  Luke  12:16-21  was  that  he  thought   we meet as a priceless person who needs
        time and this life were everything. He   to be rescued from the fire? Are we only
        looked at time in the light of time. Do   playing games, or do we really believe
        we look at time in the light of eternity?   that a most vital purpose of our lives is “to
        We apply this in the gospel, and rightly   rescue the perishing?” “When ye shall see
        so, but how solemn that the Lord Jesus   all these things, know that it is near, even
        made the application to His disciples. “He   at the doors” (Matt 24:33, KJV). “It is high
        said to his disciples …Take no thought   time to awake out of sleep for now is our
        for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for   salvation nearer than when we believed”
        the body, what ye shall put on … For all   (Rom 13:11, KJV).

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