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Casper Adrianus Van de Wetering               ing for a dairy farmer in Chilliwack that
          passed into the presence of the     he met some dear friends who shared the
          Lord on December 27, 2016 at the    gospel with him. He accepted the Lord
age of 88. He was born in Rotterdam, Hol-     Jesus as his personal Savior shortly after,
land on December 1, 1928, the third of five   was baptized, and came into the fellowship
children. In his youth he lived in Rotter-    of the assembly in Abbotsford.
dam and as a young teenager went through
harsh times as their family experienced the     After varied work experience, while
reality of WWII. After the war ended, he      farming in Langley, BC, Cap his interest in
left Holland at age 17 to serve his country   sharing the gospel with children began. He
in Indonesia for three years. Upon return-    started children’s meetings at the Ferndale
ing, he married Leny on May 14, 1952 and      Hall and there, many children came to
10 days later they sailed to Canada to begin  know the Lord. Later, he had the privilege
a new life. They settled in Abbotsford, BC,   of having a portable building on his farm
where they had a family member, and met       where he continued his children’s work.
many other Dutch families that came after
the war to seek work.                           He later farmed in Sumas Prairie, but
                                              found it was not his heart’s desire. After
  It was during one of his first jobs work-   spending five years in the construction
                                              field, building many homes in the Ab-

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