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The third essential that marks a New           away from the fellowship, when sin needs
         Testament assembly is those who       to be confessed, in view of the restoration
         “were added unto them.” About         of the sinning believer and the preservation
3000 souls who were saved when Peter           of the assembly. “For the temple of God is
preached on the day of Pentecost “were         holy …” (1Cor 3:17).
baptized,” and added to the 120 who were
waiting in the upper room when the Holy          Saul of Tarsus was arrested by God and
Spirit descended and filled each of them.      saved, given spiritual help by Ananias
They were gathered to His Name by the          and baptized, and subsequently was
Holy Spirit, in fulfillment of Matthew         received into the Jerusalem assembly. In
18:20. Those who are received to the fel-      Acts 9:3-31, it was on Barnabas’s testimony
lowship of the assembly show evidence of       concerning Saul (later named Paul) that he
salvation, are baptized, sound in doctrine,    was received into the fellowship of the as-
teachable, and their life morally pure.        sembly at Jerusalem. “He was with them”
                                               wholeheartedly, “coming in and going out
  This clearly shows that there was a          at Jerusalem.” When a believer is received
“within and a without” to the fellowship of    to the fellowship of an assembly, he is
the “ecclesia” or “gathered out company”       received to share in the joys, sorrows, and
in Jerusalem. Later in his corrective epistle  responsibilities of that assembly.
to the Corinthian assembly, Paul speaks
of those in the “seat of the unlearned,” or      An important part in this pattern for
those observing, who have a desire to be       New Testament gatherings is, “they contin-
part of the fellowship of the assembly. As     ued.” Despite Satan’s many attempts and
we will see later, fellowship is maintained    attacks on God’s assemblies since this first
when the receivers and recipients are of       assembly in Acts 2 commenced, testimony
one mind. The assembly receives to the         for our Lord continues. Later, Paul wrote to
fellowship, and it is the assembly who puts    Timothy, his son in the faith, “But continue

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